Words can Save

Interactive video experience that brings to light the challenges kids face due to online bullying.

Client Kaspersky
Credits Possible, Freeger, Renato Marques
WordsCanSave.me is an interactive website designed to raise awareness of the dangerous risks brought by cyberbullying. When visiting the website the viewers get to see two short interactive movies, that depict the lives of two modern outcasts. And then get to communicate with two teenage characters in the interactive part of the journey. Due to voice recognition technology, users get to actually talk to the characters and find the right words to console them.
Our main objective was tho show adults that bulling has evolved. While they are used to think about bulling as something that every teenager has to go through, the times have changed. Cyberbullying has become a real threat, that can lead to irreversible phycological damage and even death. It’s not that the new generation is “soft”, it’s that cyberbullying can be a lot harder, than “traditional" bulling.
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