An anti-drug social project that proves, that one bad decision can lead to irreversible consequences.

Client City Without Drugs Foundation
Credits Red Pepper
The project tells a story of a drug addict believing he is in a "groundhog day" movie scenario. His main goal all through the story is to get more money using his “superpower". And the viewers help him make the “right” choices to unlock the next dose. As soon as the story ends badly, and it always does, there’s a message saying that it’s almost impossible to change the consequences of a bad decision, and just like in real life, you can’t come back and replay this story.
The main idea was to play on the “no consequences” myth, showing what most of teenagers really think: “I’m different, one hit will not change my life”. As soon as the viewer made the first choice to use drugs, there was no way back for the main hero, his story would end with him killing three people and eventually realizing, that his “groundhog day” fantasy is just a drug induced hallucination.
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