Promo campaign for a “KAMA

Client Kyiv Academy of Media Arts
Kyiv Academy of Media Arts (KAMA) has a clear mission: to challenge student’s creativity with any means possible. The new course of «Storytelling» in KAMA had to show that creativity is not something unattainable, but rather hidden in plain site, waiting to be discovered. Every student was given a number of reportage pictures of real events and had to come up with the story based on that image only. The best storytellers had a chance to work with the VGNC team to make their ideas into a short movie.
The short was than distributed to the local film festivals to attract new students and promote the KAMA brand. It was honored with Official Selection by several Ukrainian, European and North America festivals. And won The Webby Award in 2014 (Online Film & Video: Drama: Individual Short or Episode).
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