Piter By

Peter By is a branded content movie project

Client Bushe
Piter by Coffee chain Bushe Bakery is a cult establishment and is one of the symbols of modern St Petersburg. “Peter_by” is a branded content project produced by Bushe and features a few short and long storylines with one unifying theme - these stories can only happen in the great city that is St. Petersburg.

The main task of the project was to show the special atmosphere of the second capital of Russia and the uniqueness of Bushe Bakery as one of it’s signature destinations. Bushe always plays a crucial part in the plot, either helping out a character at the final twist, or being the place where it all starts.
The movie cast St. Petersburg’s cult personalities - musicians, actors and athletes. Although, this project is categorized as branded content, it was delivered to the audience as a feature film, with premieres in St. Petersburg’s cinemas. And it’s advertising campaign used all of the tools of the big feature release - online media, OOH placements, trailer releases, and merchandise.

The movie was theatrically released in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Moscow. Three months after the premier, it was aired on the national TV channel. The online release was featured by all of the biggest media platforms in Russia. And as a result earned more than 10 000 000 media impressions.
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