Art Project OE20

An interactive virtual museum dedicated to a 20-th anniversary of a famous rock band.

Client Okean Elzy
Credits Cinnamon, Youshido
Art Project OE20 is a virtual museum dedicated to the history of a famous rock band "Okean Elzy". Users got the chance to relive all the sweet memories linked with the band's heritage, represented by their eight albums. Each album has a separate interactive exhibit, with installation inspired by the album cover art.
The "building" of the virtual museum was created by a real life professional architect to further enhance the emotional magnitude of the 20 year anniversary.
Users have two ways to control the website. First one is a run of the mill desktop navigation. The second - uses a smartphone as an interactive controller. This option has been developed so that the website could be used as a projection at the general admittance areas before the band's concerts, with the option for the fans to roam the exhibition, using their own smartphones as a controller.
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