VGNC is a creative digital company. We live and breathe interactive branded content.

We create interactive digital content to capture the attention of audiences, engage them in meaningful conversations with your brand, and inspire them to take action. We work with marketing clients and agencies alike.

VGNC is an award-winning team of film-makers, web designers, and programmers. We are the industry leader in interactive digital content and have generated groundbreaking, awe-inspiring projects for some of the world's top brands. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York we also have a satellite office in Los Angeles and a technology and design team in Eastern Europe.

Creative support

Creative Ideation
Content Strategy
Research/Data Science
Copywriting & Scripting

We introduce our clients to new digital solutions. Whether it’s an idea about how to add new interactive elements to a video project, or how to use 3D as a seamless main feature of a website, or how to incorporate wearables into the mix, VGNC is ready to bring new ideas to market and make them work.


Live action
Visual FX & Motion Graphics
3D & Animation

Video production for digital projects is a specific kind of craft. Our award-winning in-house directors and producers work closely with our web production team to bring seamless interactive experiences to every viewer.

Visual FX & Motion Graphics
Our Visual FX team delivers sequences for Live-Action and animated videos alike. From the first sketches to texturing and lighting, it’s all done in-house. Animation allows us to tell stories with no limitations of geography or time of year. And our ability to layer on interactive components has enabled our clients to engage users like never before.

Interactive Technology

User Experience
Interactive Design
Product Design
Web & app development

We work with our clients to bring the best solutions for specific audiences. Whether it’s a website, a mobile app, or a piece of wearable technology, the user’s needs and the brand’s message always dictate design and development. User experience is key.