VGNC is a creative digital production focused on complex interactive projects. 

We work with direct clients and agencies alike and we believe that most successful digital campaigns are in need of five crucial services from a digital production: web design and production, live action production and VFX, Mobile & wearables technology development and creative support.  

VGNC’s head office is located in New York, with a professional digital production division.


We believe in working with the clients to bring the best solution to specific audiences. Although, we do use a lot of video renders in our work, we still believe that user experience is key. And even though flat and material design are the latest must haves, it’s the user’s needs and the brand’s message that dictate how the website is designed and developed.


Video production for digital projects is a specific kind of craft. Audience’s short attention span must not only be considered in the script, but all through the production process.

Our inhouse directors and DOP-s have a 5 year experience in digital video production, bringing award-winning projects to clients worldwide. Our video production team works closely with the web production department to bring seamless interactive experience to every viewer.

VFX & Motion Graphics

Our VFX team works on delivering sequences for Live action videos and animated stories alike. Starting trom the first sketches and up to texturing and lightning is done in-house. Animation gives us great advantages in telling stories that are not constricted by geography or time of year. And adding to the project an interactive component has opened great new opportunities for our clients to engage users like never before.

Creative support

We strive on bringing new digital solutions to our clients. May it be new interactive capabilities for a video project, or a way to incorporate wearables into the existing communication mediamix, or use a seamless 3D render as a main feature of a website. We’re ready to bring new and exciting things to the market and actually make them work.

Mobile and Wearable

Mobile is the most dynamically growing source of traffic worldwide. We believe that combining mobile solutions with wearable add on is where the new and exciting audiences will be found in the next few years to come. Our production department has years in mobile experience development and is already making significant strides towards wearables.